Tories Want to End Human Rights

Okay, you remember how in my post yesterday entitled 'How do you solve a problem like Qatada?' I accused the home secretary, Theresa May of being an obstinate plutocrat who refuses to admit a mistake and will tear up our protection of fundamental rights to avoid doing so?
I was wrong. We can now include the Prime Minister in that description as well, as this article from the Guardian explains:
UK may withdraw from European rights convention over Abu Qatada |
The short version is this: the government is seriously considering a temporary withdrawal from the European Convention of Human Rights.
We should all be very scared of this incredibly dangerous precedent.
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How do you solve a problem like Qatada?

First of all: as ever, I'm sorry for the huge delay. Revision and all that.

I'm torn. I can't decide whether or not I support the Court of Appeal's decision to refuse Theresa May leave to appeal to the Supreme Court over the issue of deporting Abu Qatada.

And this is why:
Although I wouldn't mind such a deportation occurring, subject to a few conditions on the Jordanian government, the fact that it just won't happen is really REALLY pissing off a lot of people in Government, and on the right wing in general. And this amuses me.

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